Software for Heavy-Duty Equipment Maintenance Professionals

Truck & trailer fleet managers need to control maintenance costs and repair shop managers need to increase profit – different needs that typically require different software to achieve. EMDECS provides tools to accomplish both – a full host of features let you gather, organize and access maintenance information with as few clicks as possible. An array of reports provide the analysis of where costs go and profits can be found. Everything a successful shop requires.

Real Time Repair Order Building

Employee Time Tracking

Real Time Inventory Tracking

PM Scheduling

Warranty Tracking

Multi Location Management

VMRS Reporting

Rental & Leasing Management

Fully Integrated Accounting

Invoice Exporting (QuickBooks)

Report Scheduling

Integrated Inspection Forms

Discover how EMDECS can be tailored to provide the best solution for your shop.

Fleet Maintenance Solution

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles is a huge cost centre for any business. Reduce these costs with EMDECS by tracking cores and warranties, ensuring PM work is done on time, and even tracking which makes and models cost the most money. Take the guesswork out of controlling your fleet maintenance costs with EMDECS.

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Repair Shop Solution

EMDECS keeps your shop profitable by making every operation transparent. Instantly see profits on each job, part and service in easy-to-generate reports. Repair orders are simple for your technicians to fill out in real time. See everything that’s going on in your shop with EMDECS.

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