EMDECS: Fleet Maintenance Software That Simplifies Processes & Reduces Costs

EMDECS helps you recover fleet maintenance costs by tracking cores and warranties, ensuring PM work is done on time, seeing which makes and models require the most maintenance, and much more. EMDECS helps organize your business so you can get vehicles out of your shop and on the road faster, where they can make you money instead of costing you money.

PM Scheduling and Repair Work Keeps Your Fleet Rolling

EMDECS keeps vital preventative maintenance work organized and stress-free..If repair work is deferred from a previous work order, it’s automatically added to any work order created for that vehicle in the future, ensuring that important repairs don’t slip through the cracks.

VMRS-Based for Heavy Trucks, Trailers and Equipment

EMDECS uses VMRS codes, an industry-wide standard from the American Trucking Association, for job identification, making our software ideal for fleet management of heavy trucks and trailers. VMRS codes are easy for your technicians to recognize and enter quickly on repair orders.

Inventory and Warranty Tracking

EMDECS provides tools for tracking inventory levels and makes ordering and re-ordering easy. It tracks core parts and lets you know when parts warranties are due to expire, so you can see if they need replacing before they’re out of warranty. It also suggests what inventory needs to be replenished based on usage tracking. Manage inventories and operations for multiple locations with EMDECS.

Mobile Repair Order (RO)

If you have technicians on the road, Mobile RO is a tool designed just for them. Track technicians and roadside repairs in real time, so your customers or management always know the status of emergency roadside repairs.

Feature-Rich Fleet Maintenance Software

Track everything that’s happening with your fleet, your shop, and your inventory. Get the reports you need with one click. EMDECS Fleet Maintenance software has everything you need to recover costs and get your vehicles working faster.

Designed to Work with Fleet Maintenance Workflows

EMDECS was designed with the help of fleet managers. It lets you create repair orders, track jobs and parts across multiple locations, and more intuitively and easily. It puts all the information you need right in front of you to save time. If you want to see a purchase order, a part, or anything else referenced on a work order, you just click it and it opens, rather than having to search for it in the system. The ability to drill down is a great time-saver for busy fleet managers.


Repair Order and Time Tracking

Repair Orders are the heart of the EMDECS system, and where you and your technicians will spend most of your time. We’ve made it simple to open any information you need from one screen by drilling down to reveal details about repair jobs. EMDECS simplifies parts entry with VMRS-based labor codes for heavy trucks and trailers and allows technicians to scan barcoded work orders to track their time on a repair. All of these features come together to allow a repair order to be built in real-time as technicians are working on vehicles, without excessive input from your technicians.

  • Repair Orders created in real time with the Technician’s Repair Order (Tech RO)

  • Create service programs for jobs that are performed often

  • Schedule maintenance and assign technicians to repairs with the Service Board

Warranty & Core Management

There are a significant amount of dollars that can be found by properly tracking warranty parts. EMDECS does this by noting when you last used a part and comparing it to the warranty schedule, and notifying you if a warranty claim might be in order. You can also be notified of warranty parts that are expiring soon, so you can schedule work to see if they’re worn and recover costs you may not have been able to before. The same idea applies to core parts; you can track them, tag them and run reports to see which cores are owed to or are currently with a supplier.

  • Categorize warranty parts by duration.
  • Get an alert if a replacement part is still under warranty, and track its status.
  • Print labels for warranty and core parts
  • Match invoices to warranty claims
  • Keep track of what you claimed and what you were actually given from the vendor

Reporting for Fleet Managers

The whole point of EMDECS is to help you save time and money. EMDECS identifies the efficiencies of your operations and helps you accurately calculate costs. This lets you plan ahead and know right away which makes and models give you the least trouble when you need to replace or add vehicles to your fleet. EMDECS reporting capabilities instantly allow you to see anything you want, including:

  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per hour
  • Cost per square foot of poured concrete
  • Costs by reading ranges (odometer, engine hours, etc.)
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Inventory Control

EMDECS has everything you need to track inventory, do physical counts, and find shelf-sitting parts that can be returned for credit.

  • Remove parts from inventory automatically when they are assigned to repair orders.

  • Track lifecycles of parts, and organize physical counts from the inventory screen.

  • Set up replenishments with traditional controls like Minimum/Maximum and Just-in-Time.

  • Recover costs by automatically generating credit orders for parts that have been sitting in your inventory for too long.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Tracking

It’s easy for PM work to slip through the cracks, and this can damage your bottom line by resulting in increased breakdown rates. EMDECS lets you track, schedule and assign PM work quickly and easily.

  • Schedule any kind of maintenance based on time or distance

  • Electronic, integrated PM inspection forms link necessary repairs to units

  • Setup reminder notifications weeks or days before maintenance is due


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